Refund policy

To generate a return process for refund please send an email to the email of ddetailing in writing and with images the reasons for the reimbursement.

The refund is valid when:

  • The product arrived in bad condition.
  • The product does not work totally or partially.
  • It is not to the liking of the customer (they will only have 5 business days once they receive the product to make the guarantee valid).
  • The product takes more than 20 days of the established time. (Due to the COVID-19 contingency there are delays in all packages).
  • The product is different from what was ordered.

All reimbursements will be made once the company (Casa Fogo México) receives the product for which the reimbursement is requested, from none In this way, a refund can´t be made without first receiving the product. In all the above cases, Casa Fogo México will absorb the costs of the shipments for the return to exception from when it is a return for not being to the liking of the client, in this case the client will bear the following costs:

The cost of the return guide.
5% of the purchase value if it was paid by credit or debit card.
3% of the purchase value if it was paid through a bank deposit.

All reimbursement will be made via electronic transfer to the account indicated by the client. The times to generate the refund are 3 to 5 business days once the product is received.

To apply a return it is necessary that the customer return the product with its Original packagingIn case of a return because you did not like the product or other reason that is not due to defect or damage to it, if you do not have the original packaging, you will not be able to proceed with the refund.

Below we will detail the warranty times in our products:

Guaranteed by 1 year on all products.

If you want to make a cancellation From the purchase, there will only be 3 calendar days from the purchase to be able to cancel, once the 3 calendar days have passed, the purchase can no longer be canceled.

If the customer wishes to exchange the product for a new one, the delivery times will be the same as those established on the page when purchasing the product, it cannot be given a shorter time than that established on the web page. Casa Fogo México has a repair shop, if the client wishes, their product can be repaired, the delivery times for repair they are 7 to 15 business days.